Torchy’s Tacos and the Start of the Ongoing Taco of the Month Review!

Yeah, it’s pretty damn good.


I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t always a Torchy’s fan. There are a couple tacos I’ve always loved like the Democrat and the Baja Shrimp, but it’s taken a lot of coaxing from my friends to convince me this place is the real deal. I’m not a huge fan of spicy food, especially when I’m not expecting it, and some of their staples like their queso are pretty hot in my opinion.

The Democrat

However, Torchy’s has still managed to become one of my regulars because of their many locations, cool atmosphere, and through trying out different tacos, asking them to take off peppers and sauces to make it mild (which they gladly do!) and, most importantly, through their incredible tacos of the month.

This creative and fun twist to their regular menu has me coming back all the time to see what’s new this month, and specifically in March, this taco has got to be one of the best ever.

ROSCOE: 9.5/10

This taco is unreal. Fried chicken and bacon wrapped in a waffle, then a layer of egg wrapped in a flour tortilla, drizzled with maple syrup, it’s a heart attack in a taco and i’m here for it! It’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory, crunchy and chewy, and layers upon layers of goodness. I have no complaints. For only $5.50 (which is a bit pricey for a taco but completely worth it), I will scarfing down this taco for the rest of the month, and will be really sad when it’s gone.

Let me know you’re thoughts on Torchy’s, and go try the Roscoe if you haven’t already! It’s only here till March 31 😦 !!!


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