Biderman’s Deli

I’m addicted.


I actually have an issue with how often I crave Biderman’s bagels. My usual is either the avocado bagel sandwich, which is super simple–just cream cheese, avocado, and sea salt–but oh so good, and the lox deluxe sandwich, which is your classic bagel and lox but loaded with tomato, onion, and capers. Just thinking about them is making me sooooo hungry right now.

Avocado Sandwich

They have a wide selection of bagels, all shipped from New York where the water is supposedly the perfect balance of hard and soft to make the perfect bagel dough (sounds like BS but I’ll still gladly eat it). They also have many different smears, amazing breakfast bagel sandwiches, and other classic jewish-deli meals.

Lox Deluxe Bagel Sandwich

For lunch, I tend to go for the french dip, it’s by far the most amazing one I’ve had. It’s always super hot, the bread is so soft and fluffy–you can tell how fresh it is–and the au jus sauce perfectly pairs with the sandwich. I definitely recommend!

Besides just my favorites that keep bringing me back, there are so many other delicious options. Cold deli subs, hot deli subs, soups, vegetarian options, salads, and desserts and pastries, everyone will be happy here! It’s also got a modern diner feel with outdoor seating. You order at the counter and the food comes out super fast, and they have drink options including Maine Root soft drinks, iced tea, hot coffee, and more.

There’s not much to complain about here, except it’s a bit pricey for bagels and sandwiches in my opinion. The quality is evident, but with competing bagel shops like Einstein’s right around the corner, it’s easy to notice their pricey dishes.

All in all, Biderman’s is one of my go-tos for both breakfast and lunch, and with great quality, a fun atmosphere, and not too bad of prices, it’s clear why.

Let me know if you’ve tried Biderman’s, and if you haven’t, you need to go asap!!


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