Mia Italian Tapas & Bar

Best carbonara.


I’ve been to Mia several times now and am in love with their food. Being the person who can never decide what I want to eat and loves taking bites off of other people’s plates, Mia is really great because of their tapas style menu. If you aren’t the type that loves to share, Mia might not be the place for you; sure, you can definitely order your own pasta dish and not eat anything else, but the best part about Mia is the small dishes made for sharing.

the calamari

They have mastered some classic Italian dishes– meatballs, gnocchi, calamari, etc. and also have delicious pizzas and pastas.

The calamari is simple and similar to what you would get at any other upscale Italian restaurant. When I went the other day, it was a bit overdone, but I still recommend it since every other time I’ve been it was perfect!


Another one of my favorites is the Caprese! It’s extremely simple and delicious, and instead of just throwing some basil leaves on top, they put a pesto sauce at the bottom of the dish. The pesto adds a really great flavor and balances out the other flavors and textures well. You can tell the tomatoes and mozzarella are super fresh, and it’s a really great appetizer that’s perfect for sharing!

One of my other favorite dishes is the Prosciutto Di Parma Pizza! The flatbread-styled pizza is topped with green apples, arugula, balsamic, and lots of cheese. It’s a really good pizza with a great crust, delicious flavors, and the texture of the apples adds a nice crunch! If you’re in the mood for pizza, this dish is a must!

The Carbonara

Last but certainly not least, the carbonara. Just thinking about this dish is bringing out my #rmf. The gooey, cheesy sauce, crispy bacon, and the poached egg on top just waiting for you to crack, ugh this dish is unreal. Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, its worth a try. I don’t know how you couldn’t like this dish, it is just too good.

All in all, this restaurant is a really great place to try a lot of great Italian food with friends/family or even go for a date night. The atmosphere is really great, especially on the weekends, and I’ve gone with friends, left stuffed, and only paid $15! For the price, atmosphere, and great food, Mia gets a high rating from me! Let me know if you have tried Mia Tapas or go after reading this, and don’t forget to try the carbonara!!!


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