Sushi Zushi

Below average sushi for a high-end price…


Yeah, so, I’m not really a fan…

I’ve eaten here a few times before but not recently until this past weekend. I ended up favoring a large lunch with my boyfriend’s family and was extremely disappointed.

We ordered edamame, 2 Boston rolls, fried rice, tempura shrimp, and a rainbow roll.

Edamame and Fried Rice

Take a look at the edamame. Seem a little glass half empty to you? Yeah, that’s because they gave us like 15 pieces of edamame… I’m not trying to be dramatic but, edamame is, like, the cheapest thing on Japanese menus. A large bag at HEB is literally $3, so I’m a bit confused why they scammed us on these…

The fried rice was extremely salty and mainly tasted of soy sauce (which they clearly didn’t scam us on). So, not much of a flavor profile…

Tuna Tower

Now if you know me, you know I love a good tuna tower. This was just sad looking. The rice to fish/topping ratio was whack, and it was kinda spicy, but not wasabi spicy… should I be concerned?? Anyway, broke my heart to get like 3 bites in a row of rice without any tuna in it, so clearly, they’re slacking on that front too.

Shrimp Tempura and the Boston Roll

The shrimp tempura wasn’t bad, it was identical to tempura at every other Japanese restaurant (which is good!). My only complaint about it was that it was a tiny bit soggy, but I’m assuming that’s because I didn’t eat it in the restaurant, which is understandable. The Boston roll on the other hand…

Soooooooo over-fried and dry! It didn’t even come with a sauce, but it would take a lot of it to actually make it moist. The inside was like most typical rolls (crab and avocado) and had cream cheese, which is normally really good, but it was just way too rich with the deep friend part. We got 2 rolls (16 pieces) and between four of us we only ate 7…

Rainbow Roll

The rainbow roll was great! Good flavor, good ratio, and like the tempura, similar to what you’ll find at almost any other sushi restaurant. If you had to go here, I definitely recommend getting one of these.

All in all, I’m probably being a bit harsh but the edamame situation is unforgivable. Don’t be fooled by the favor deal of free delivery, it was still $85 for the food we got and as you could probably tell from what I said, not worth it. Definitely won’t be going back (or delivering it) anytime soon.

Let me know your thoughts on Sushi Zushi, and if you have any other suggestions for me to try!


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