Kemuri Tatsu-Ya

Unique Japanese Cuisine in a ~Quirky~ East Austin Atmosphere


Kemuri Tatsu-Ya was definitely a unique take on your dining experience;

The restaurant was hidden among other East-Austin homes off Caesar Chavez and mainly had outdoor seating with an awesome vibe. The menu was right on the table, which not only made for a unique background for the photos but also convenient to order more small plates as you eat. Plates came as they were ready and were mostly appetizer/tapas size, so we were able to try different dishes that ranged from super unique and different to classic/simple.

Classic Karaage Chicken

The flavor of each dish was truly delicious and complex. Don’t get me wrong, I was pretty sketched out about trying jellyfish, but besides the texture I would genuinely have no idea I was eating something other than well marinated fish. And even something as simple as fried chicken was fried and seasoned with such great flavor and paired with a really simple but complimentary sauce.


Dishes as simple as “hot pocketz,” were so complex in texture and flavor, with smoked Gouda and braised brisket making the perfect pair inside a crisp pastry.

Hot Pocketz

While jellyfish, beef tongue, and octopus aren’t for everyone, there are tons of dishes for even the pickiest eaters–like the skewers which I didn’t have the chance to try, so tapas style really works for everyone! It was a great meal because we had the opportunity to try unique dishes but also could order several others we know we love, such as the street corn.

Street Corn

The meal was very affordable and would’ve been even less if we had gone with a large group, which would’ve made for a great meal with their large communal tables and booths. I will definitely be back again (esp since there were so many more dishes I wanted to try) and based on the atmosphere, quality of food, and price, I can confidently say it is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Austin, especially for not just good food but a great meal with friends or a date!

Hope you get the chance to try Kemuri Tatsu-Ya, and if you have, let me know your thoughts!!


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