Torchy’s June Taco of the Month: the Doublewide

Does “Doublewide” refer to “double” amount of breading required??


The Doublewide (with no pico..)

I have to say that when I went to get the Taco of the Month for June, I had extremely high expectations. One of my favorite aspects of Torchy’s is their unique taco of the month, and I find myself time and time again wishing they were actually on the regular menu. However, this month I was extremely disappointed with the Doublewide. Not only was it extremely similar to the classic “Trailer park,” but the combination of queso, cheese, a tiny bit of pico, and super-breaded chicken fried steak made the entire taco way too fried and fatty to eat. Not only was it extremely fatty, but the amount of steak was minuscule in comparison to the amount of breading.

Sorry for the not so pretty photo, but it best depicts the lack of meat in this taco… It was genuinely hard to find the steak, so many of the bites were just breading, cheese, and a flour tortilla, which is not something I enjoy in the slightest.

If overly breaded and fried meats are you thing, then you probably really enjoyed this meal, but for me, it was lacking and in no way comparable to Torchy’s previous “Taco’s of the Month.” However, I’m hopeful for what next month holds (I think it’s the month of spice?!). This might just be an off month right??!?!

Let me know your thoughts on the “Doublewide” and let’s all pray for a more promising T-o-t-M for July!


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