Via 313

Pure ridiculousness.


This pizza is almost too good to be true. Their Detroit-style pizza is the perfect combo between my two favorite things: bread and cheese. The fluffy, freshly baked pizza dough (actual bread bc it’s so fluffy) is a perfect ratio to the sauce and cheese, and the crust is still nice and crunchy, making every bite incredibly delicious.

For reference, I wanted to include a side view of how thick this pizza actually is. Looks just like a big slice of focaccia bread loaded with your typical, or not typical, pizza toppings… sooooo good…..

I am normally a NY style pizza lover and do love a good artisan slice, but other styles like Chicago and Detroit aren’t really my thing. However, Via 313 has got to be one of my favorite pizza restaurants. Do you have to be in the mood for your not so typical pizza? Yes, but when you are, I couldn’t think of any other place you’d go.

The Cadillac

This was the hail mary of all pizzas. Prosciutto, fig jam, balsamic drizzle, and so much cheese, do I really need to say more? The cadillac is a must. Every bite contains all of those wonderful flavors combined with the super fluffy bread. I legit couldn’t stop eating this pizza…

The Hawaiian

I also tried the Hawaiian Pizza, and I’m really not the biggest fan of pineapples on my pizza (I’m sorry it’s just weird), but I actually did really like this pizza and the ham was really delicious as well (hard to tell but it’s folded into the sauce/cheese). My friends Julia and Brooke, who are pineapple pizza lovers, very much approved of this pizza, so if you are like them and think pineapple belongs on pizza, (even though it doesn’t…) then you’ll like this pizza.

All in all, it was a really great meal, the restaurant is right of Guadalupe and has a super fun, casual atmosphere with TVs playing sports games and a huge bar. Between three people and two “small” pizzas (we couldn’t finish it), it was a little over $10 a person, so very affordable for high quality pizza.

Let me know if you’ve tried Via 313, and if you haven’t, you need to go!!!


PS: here’s a lovely #rmf for you guys 🙂

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