The cheese, not the pizza, is what’ll bring me back.


So I’m gonna be honest here, despite the “harsh” score, this place really was delicious. The atmosphere was really cool: it was a small, yet cozy, restaurant off Burnet with a cute bar and the pizza oven was right in the middle of the eating space, which I thought was unique. But because of price and a couple things on the menu, I had to be a bit harsh with the score.

Like I said in my header, the cheese will definitely bring me back, and more specifically, their Burrata appetizer.

This was probably one of the best cheese spreads I’ve ever had, and cheese is probably one of my favorite things so that’s saying A LOT. the little ball was just waiting to be cut into, and the cheese oozed out like warm butter. It was super easy to spread on the crunchy bread and was to die for. So creamy, so mild yet flavorful, I’m actually getting so hungry just thinking about how good this dish was. For this alone I recommend coming here.

However, despite the to die for cheese, I had some complaints about the rest of the meal.

We had one other appetizer, which was the tagliatelle. It was actually really good, but a pretty small portion for an appetizer meant to share. It wasn’t a very memorable dish if I’m being honest, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t order it again.

Unfortunately, their menu was insanely small and the only entrees are pizza, so if you’re wanting something else, your options are the small portioned, and still limited, appetizer menu.

Here’s a picture of their pizza options, kind of small for their entire entree selection right? You might disagree with me, but I thought it was a little odd that they only have 10 small artisan pizzas on their menu. I’m not a super picky eater, but for someone who is, they might struggle finding options they will enjoy.

We got the Tallegio (sausage, mozzarella, and scallion), which I will say was really good, but again, not very memorable. We also ate the Fresca (mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula, lemon, and parm), which has a weird flavor profile with the acidity from the lemon, and the arugula was major overkill. I had to pull off at least half of it just to find the crust…

The Tallegio
The Fresca

The dessert options were also pretty lacking unless you enjoy olive oil cake or ice cream with sherry… thankfully, there’s a Lick Honest Ice Cream next door to crave your sweet tooth :).

All in all, if you’re gonna have “artisan,” pizza (which honestly, just allows you to overprice it..) it better be absolutely, stand-out delicious. Each pie is in the $15 range and I would call them a small size compared to the norm. Compared to other artisan pizza restaurants like Desano’s and Home Slice, you get more pizza for your $ with way more options and way better flavor, so for that reason, I had to give them a low score.

Would I come back? Absolutely, but probably only for that burrata…

Let me know you’re thoughts on Buffalina!


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