Cabo Bob’s

If you don’t love this place something’s wrong with you.


Okay, I know what you’re thinking. How could a small-chain, high-end Chipotle get my highest rating thus far? If you’ve eaten here, the answer is pretty obvious… it’s just insanely good. I try and focus my ratings on three aspects: atmosphere, price, and the food itself, and honestly, this place checks all the boxes.

Immediately walking in, there is a fun, groovy surfer theme, with football games always playing on the flat screens, and really friendly servers ready to prepare your meal right in front of you. Yes, they totally mooched off of Chipotle by taking their entire concept, but it’s just so much better. Not only do you get to choose which type of tortilla you want, but you watch them cook it right in front of your eyes. The homemade tortillas boost their rating from a 6 to a 9.5. They’re definitely the most memorable part of the entire meal. I crave just their tortillas almost daily. You also get unlimited toppings consisting of rice, beans, meat (which can be doubled), many different sauces, and all of your other classic toppings. Their drinks are also so great: Jarritos, other high-quality bottled drinks, and a fountain drink machine consisting of uniquely named sodas and teas.

The price couldn’t be any better. You can get a giant burrito for less than $15, and if you’re like me and can barely eat more than half of one, the kids burrito is a perfect alternative, comes with chips, and is under $7 depending on meat choice and add-ons. I always get a side of guacamole, which is really simple but tastes incredibly fresh and delicious. I can walk out with an adorable mini burrito, chips, a side of guac, and a drink for $12, and it’s all great ingredients and freshly made tortillas. How does it get better than that?

My typical order: kids burrito with side of guac and drink

All in all, Cabo Bob’s is delicious with ~freshness you can taste~, affordable, and has a fun atmosphere where you watch your food prepared in front of your eyes. I knocked off half a point because on busy nights, it takes a ridiculously long time to get your meal, which is kind of frustrating, but otherwise, I absolutely love this place.

Let me know your thoughts on Cabo Bob’s, but if you try and shame it, you might get some insults… just saying 😉


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