Desano’s vs. North Italia (PIZZA)

Two of my favorite places to get pizza in ATX, so I decided to compare them to help y’all decide which place you would prefer for pizza night!

North’s Prosciutto Pizza
Desano’s Bianca Pizza with Prosciutto

I genuinely don’t think I could tell you which one I prefer over the other. Both are sooooo delicious and both depend on what your mood is.

North is more of an experience. The atmosphere and location of both Austin restaurants is great (Domain and 2nd street) and there are great appetizers, entrees, and desserts as well. North, in general, is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in ATX, so if you’re in the mood to go out for a great meal + delicious pizza, North is the place to go–keep in mind it’s also a bit pricey. (I will definitely write a blog specifically about North Italia soon).

If you are only out for a delicious pie, Desano’s is the place to go. Whether you’re eating in their relaxed dining room or picking up/favoring it for a couch and Netflix dining option, you will be in Pizza Heaven (sorry for the corniness but it’s true). This is no Domino’s though: all their ovens are imported from Italy, and you can taste how fresh their ingredients really are (they are also imported straight from Italy). That taste comes at a price, one large pizza is around $20, not including additional toppings.

Both have fresh Italian toppings, are served straight from their wood-fired ovens, and are around the same price range, so you really can’t go wrong with either.

All in all, I can only decide which one I prefer based on my mood and the atmosphere I want. Let me know which one’s your favorite!


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